Class Descriptions

Advanced Manners

This class is a combination of Canine Good Citizen exercises and exercises that Kaye feels are needed for social advancement for you and your dog. In addition, Kaye will teach you how to teach your dog "new" tricks along with everyday activities that will enhance your relationship with your dog such as impulse control exercises, speaking "dog", and games for dogs and people.

Fee is $105.00


Nonsense Class

This is a you never know what you will be learning kind of class!  Kaye's students have spent as long as 7 years in a Nonsense Class just having fun with their dogs. There is no end to what you will learn.  Trick dog certification, dancing with your dog, all levels of obedience, agility, and therapy dog exercises are only a few of the activities that are presented in a fun manner.  Get ready to laugh and have fun learning while playing with your dog! 

Fee is $90.00


Community Canine / Urban Canine

Get your dogs out and about learning! This class helps you and your dog work towards earning the AKC CGCU certification (for more information about this certification click here). 

Fee is $150.00


Walking Class

If you are having difficulty walking your dog, they are excited to see everyone and everything, and you are not having a fun time, then this is the class for you! We will be out and about, here and there teaching you and your dog how to enjoy walking together. Class meets for two consecutive weeks. 

Fee is $45.00