Class Information

To register for a class, either click "Sign Up Here" and sign up online or e-mail and tell us which class, date, and time you would like to attend. Please include your name, phone number, dog’s name and breed.

You will need to fill out this registration form and bring it to your first class along with the appropriate fee if you have not paid online. We accept cash, check, MasterCard and Visa.


  • Your completed registration form.

  • You will need to bring tiny tasty treats along to class. If you forget, Woof 'n Tails next door has an array of healthy treats for your dog which you can purchase before class.

  • Your dog must be on a 6-foot leash and collar or appropriate harness. Choke collars are allowed but must be fit appropriately. Please, no retractable leashes.

Teaching your dog is a family affair, and all members of the family are welcome to participate.  Children who are not helping to teach their dog must be able to entertain themselves quietly outside of the training ring. Each session is 45 minutes long.

Oh Yes, Don't forget your dog! 

We'll see you in class!

Class Descriptions


Puppy Manners Class

Get your puppy off on the right paw with our Puppy Manners Class. This class is for puppies 12 weeks to 8 months of age and all small dogs. In this course your puppy will learn sit, down, stay, walking at your side, leave it, greeting friendly strangers, coming when called, problem solving and much more!

Fee is $120.00

2019 dates coming soon!

Bennining Manners.jpg

Beginning Manners

This class is a great first step to help get you and your dog working together in harmony. Beginning Manners Class is for puppies and dogs who are 8 months and older. In this course your puppy/dog will learn sit, down, stay, walking at your side, leave it, greeting friendly strangers, coming when called, problem solving and much more!

Fee is $120.00

2019 dates coming soon!


Puppy Education Class

This class is all about walking, greeting, playing & creative activities for you and your puppy that will enhance your relationship for a lifetime. We will also provide you with activities so, as Kaye always says, "your puppy can be a thinker not a stinker."

Prerequisite: Puppy Manners

Fee is $105.00

2019 dates coming soon!

Advanced Manners.jpg

Advanced Manners & Canine Good Citizen Class

This class is a combination of Canine Good Citizen exercises and exercises that Kaye feels are needed for social advancement for you and your dog. In addition, Kaye will teach you how to teach your dog "new" tricks along with everyday activities that will enhance your relationship with your dog such as impulse control exercises, speaking "dog", and games for dogs and people.

Fee is $105.00

2019 dates coming soon!


Rally Obedience

This is a fun class for the student who wants to enjoy building a teamwork relationship with their dog.  In Rally Obedience Class all levels of signs for AKC Rally are introduced in a fun and playful manner. 

Join us for drop-in Rally Run-Through courses Mondays at 7:00 pm.  Fee is $10.00 per drop-in class.

Please email in advance to reserve a spot.


Show Handling Class

This is a drop-in class that teaches you and your dog how to perform in the show ring. Whether you are an experienced handler or a novice handler, Kaye will help you improve your performance as well as your dog’s performance in the ring. Kaye is a problem-solver for show dogs, both for the breed ring and the obedience ring. She will help you get you through the toughest of problems!

Fee is $10.00 per drop-in class

Join us for drop-in class Tuesdays at 7:30 pm. 

Please email in advance to reserve a spot.


Agility is a great way for dogs and their people to play together. Over, under, around, and through jumps -- what fun! Come join us and have more fun and laughs than you could ever imagine. In this class you will learn the correct way of working your dog in agility with our instructor Bobby Dochat. Bobby has brought us full size regulation equipment along with a tremendous amount of knowledge in handling dogs and working agility for fun and competition. We are lucky to have her in our facility to help you and your dog succeed in having fun together learning agility.